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Save America

 Save America


I’m sick and tired! This is not a political, this is an article expressing my feeling about what should be done to Save America. This should be easy to understand for anyone. Republicans, Democrats and Independents  are driving our great country into the ground over their own self interests.

Politicians have allowed their own special interest and desire to build a life long career of ” bathing in the public troth”. Imagine someone in the Congress twenty five or thirty years. You cannot tell me there are not self serving interests involved, when they have to wheel someone into the hall to cast a vote because they are to old to walk in.

In a CBS news report by Stephanie Condon  in March of 2012 stated that there were 245 Millionaires in Congress. 179 in the House and 66 in the Senate. No wonder someone would spend $10 Million dollars to get a job paying $180,000.

Four Simple Steps to Save America


  1. Term Limits – Our founding fathers would go to Philadelphia or Washington spend what time was needed in service of our country then return to their farms to plow the fields. The King of England asked Benjamin Franklin what General Washington would do now that the war had been won by the Colonials. Franklin’s answer; ” Go home and farm”  the king replied in amazement; “If he does he is the greatest man in the world.” We need people like Washington to Save America.
  2. Medical Tort Reform – Science particularly medicine is not a perfect profession, mistakes happen. Until they put a limit on the amount that can be awarded in medical malpractice suits health care will continue to spin out of control. And who is getting rich?The lawyers who eventually head to Washington to get their share. Every time I turn the TV on there is someone saying did you have this surgery or take this drug ? Call Do We Cheat’m And How” attorneys at law. To Save America this must stop.
  3. Cost Control on Medicine –  There are medicines badly needed by the public that cost thousands of dollars for a 30 day supply. People are dying while the Lobbyist, Pharmaceutical Company’s and politicians are making fortunes.
  4. Save America – NO MORE PORK – There needs to be legislation that forces every bill that will cost Americans money be voted on with no PORK attached.

We can Save America

These four issues could be easily put into action, but never will! Why? Because we have the fox watching the hen house. Why would a politician vote in something that would cost him or her their careers.

We are not naive, every American Republican, Democrat or Independent needs to face the facts.  We are in trouble as a country and sending the same people to Washington will not Save America. Only action will with our votes!

Read it and weep:



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