“Showing Up To Play – Business and Life Lessons Learned On the Golf Course”

In work, play, and life in general, when you combine clear goals with commitment and the right attitude, you get results. Written with assorted appeal, a touch of humor, and relatable stories, this book offers the benefits of a self-help book synthesized with practical professional and personal guidance to help you excel in many areas of life and provide inspiration for all.

An Amazon Number One Best Seller





“Make your play your work and your work your play, with the metaphor of golf. Enjoy reading and sharing, my friend Bob’s enlightened book. Learn all the lessons to make your life infinitely better off now.”

Mark Victor Hanson

Co-Author of “The Chicken Soup For The Soul” Series

“Discover Your Treasure – Twenty Keys To Success”

Why do so many people struggle through life while others run straight to success? Why do some let setbacks stop them, while others power through? It’s clear that people who succeed know what they want, have a detailed plan to get there, and set goals they believe in.

Discover Your Treasure lays out the steps for you to craft your own map to success. This book combines personal stories, lessons learned on the job, and motivational quotes with clarity, with a down-to-earth approach.

You’ll discover key concepts to help you overcome fear, stay inspired, set up winning systems for your life, and more—with humor sprinkled throughout.

But by pressing forward, adjusting your process, and never giving up, you’re sure to succeed.