Sales coach, author, internationally read blogger and inspirational speaker. Bob Fiacco has developed The Better Work/Life Strategy System to allow anyone achieve their dreams.

 Bob Fiacco

Over Bob Fiaccos thirty-eight year career as a recruiter, manager, trainer, and motivator. He has represented several of the largest companies in the industry. Bob has spoken at seminars, on teleconferences, and in small group training sessions across the United States. Some of these speaking engagements include being a platform speaker at the  LAMP meeting for GAMA International he has been featured speaker for  American International Group national management calls.  Bob was the keynote speaker at the 2011 Buffalo National Association of Financial Associates annual kickoff meeting.  And spoken at the Crime Stoppers East Coast Annual Meeting, and a speaker at the SHRM – 2012 Virginia State Conference.

Bob Fiacco is an inspirational speaker. He has published articles for the Society for Human Resources Management, Health Insurance Magazine, as well  industry  newsletters. He has been interviewed by Good Morning Richmond, Sports Center, and the American International Group for their National Quarterly Management Conference call. His blog at https://wwwbobfiacco.com currently averages almost a thousand unique viewers per month The blog has been viewed in over seventy-two countries, and has followers in all fifty states.

Robert and his wife Rose of forty years live in Fountain Inn, South Carolina with their Cocker Spaniel Bagger Vance. When not playing golf, Robert is the  Managing Director of Columbia South Carolina for Transamerica Agency Network.  Robert believes that when your dreams are bigger than your fears, you can accomplish anything. Discover Your Treasure he hopes his readers will be inspired to be all that they can in their lives by reading his books, Showing Up to Play and Discover Your Future.

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