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Seven Ways to Help Get a Job

Seven Ways to Help get a Job

In today’s environment, it can be challenging finding a job. With competition from other qualified candidates to companies cutting back on hiring.

Having every possible advantage in your favor can only help. Living in Mom and Dad’s basement can only last so long!

Seven Ways to Help get a Job



I worked on Nuclear Reactors for the first 8 or 9 years of my working career. Was sick and tired of what I was doing so I answered a blind add, I never would have gone on the interview had I know it was insurance sales. Well here I am 38 years later living a live I never dreamed possible.

-You never know what will transpire in an interview

-The more you interview the better you will get at it.


-Shined shoes a must

-Men a white shirt women a white blouse (white portrays a certain confidence)

-Men a tie, always. Ladies business attire

  1. BE ON TIME -If your 5 minutes early your 10 minutes late

-Wait one week and then hand deliver your resume to the manager (do not leave it with anyone else).

    –Be persistent and keep as many resumes out there as you can.


-Make sure it is up to date


-On nice quality paper


-If you can’t make it call

-The world has gotten smaller and you don’t know who you may be working for or interviewing with 6 months from now.


-When your interview is over and the interviewer ask if you have any questions don’t say no

-Do some research on the company before hand and ask one or two intelligent questions

-Where do you see the company in 5 years?

-What do you look for in an employee?

I am very sorry but having a degree today does not mean you will get a job. You need to be persistent and make sure that you have everything going in your favor.

Here is a great article about 10 unconventional ways to get a job.


Seven Sales Strategies

Seven Sales Strategies


Over the years as I have seen hundreds of individuals come and go from the sales profession. I have questioned many of them as to why they were leaving. The answers, as you can imagine, have varied greatly. There are seven sales strategies that can help.

Two central themes, however, seem to be consistent: money and training.

As we all know, building a start-up business into a financially successful enterprise can take time. Likewise, learning all that is needed to win in any new career can take time. The question then becomes what does a new sales professional do to bridge the financial and education gap to survive in sales?

Unfortunately there is no “magic bullet” to the challenge of surviving in sales. Thankfully there are some fundamental sales success strategies that anyone can utilize to be successful.

Seven Sales Strategies

1. Plan on staying with it for the long-term – Many times I see individuals say “I’ll give it a try.” I do not personally believe you can be successful in any endeavor of your life without total commitment. I have met many individuals who have said “Yes, I gave marriage a try. It just didn’t work for me.” Of course it didn’t. This year will be my 34th year in sales and my 36th wedding anniversary and neither would have worked if I had just given them a try. Success and commitment go hand in hand.
2. Understand that selling is “mathematical” and not luck or chance – There is an absolute correlation between surviving in sales and the amount of activity you put into developing potential clients.
3. Plan on tracking your activity hour by hour and day by day – Few people survive in sales without keeping very meticulous calendars and records of their activity on a daily and weekly basis.
4. Set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals for yourself – Small short-term wins are important to surviving in sales. Your goals need to be both activity and production based.
5. Commit to long-term learning – The learning curve in sales is long and most times endless. Changes in products, technology and laws are ongoing in today’s world. Staying committed to long-term education is critical to surviving in sales.
6. Protect your thoughts – I have found that in sales and in life so many times we let negative thoughts overcome us. These thoughts can hold us back and sabotage our chances of gaining sales success strategies to help us survive in sales for the long-term.
7. Sales and life are marathons – They are not sprints. Be realistic in what you want to accomplish in a given time period. Remember surviving in sales is about surviving day-to-day initially.

Having a sales a sales strategy will be critical to anyone serious about a sales career.





Seven Lies Of Success

I have always dreamed big about my life, even during the tough times. There have many individuals and many books that helped me through those times. One book in particular has had a large impact on me and I would like to share a chapter from this book with my thoughts on it.

The book is Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins and the chapter is ” The Seven Lies of Success”

Tony Robbins calls these seven concepts lies because if you want to believe they have no bearing on your success than, to you, they are lies. But to those of us who choose to believe them, your live can be changed forever.

Here you go:

Number One – Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves us.

I was born with a congenital hip, this caused me to walk with sever limp until I was 45 years old at which time I had my first hip replacement( I would have 24 major surgeries in my life). As a child I went through what you can imagine any child in the 1950′s might go through, I was picked on and called names; I’m not telling you this so you can feel sorry for me. You don’t need to, I live an incredible life. I tell you this for this reason, I believe that how I was born was one of the greatest blessings in my life it help me to become the person that I am today. It helped me to develop my personality, my work ethic and my attitude.

Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves us.

Number Two – There is no such thing as failure.

We don’t fail at things in life; we simply decide that whatever we are trying to do is not worth the time and hardships we must go through to get it. If you think about your life you probably have everything you ever really wanted in life, the things you don’t have you, most likely, decided it wasn’t worth what you had to go through to get or you are still working on it.

There is no such thing as failure.

Number Three – Whatever happens take responsibility.

The day that we accept responsibility for the things that happen in our lives is the day we become free. We certainly can’t control everything that happens to us but we can control how we act and feel about those things.

Whatever happens take responsibility.

Number Four – It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

There are so many things that you could learn in any business. Different markets, products, competition, sales techniques and the list goes on and on. If we try to become an expert on every possible option that is out there we will never do anything.

It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

Number Five – People are your greatest resource.

We are in the people business do you truly care about people and I mean all people or do you only care about those that you can make money on. I believe if we our truly in the people business we need to care about all people. Certainly our clients but also the person who waits on us at the restaurant or serves us the coffee at the coffee shop.

People are your greatest resource.

Number Six – Work is play.

Mark Twain said, ” to make your vocation your vacation is success”. Love what you do if not look for your passion and follow it.

Work is play.

Number Seven – There’s no abiding success without commitment.

We are committed to something or we are committed to nothing. Absolute commitment can give use the passion to never give up.

There’s no abiding success without commitment.

Thank you Tony!