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Prospecting Pipeline

Prospecting Pipeline

Nothing is sadder for me to  see then a sales person going through their first year 20 years in a row. What I mean by this is they never develop a Constant Contact Strategy  to fill their prospecting pipeline, so they are always looking for someone to sell. Sadder still is a sales rep that on Monday morning says ” I hope I sell something this week”.  If your prospecting pipeline is full, you should be able to be laser focused on who is buying this week.

How do I keep my prospecting pipeline full?

  1. Realize that there are 300 plus  million suspects( potential prospects) walking around in America.
  2. Your job is to turn as many of these suspects into prospects. By attaining the following:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Occupation
    • Approximate Income
    • Email and phone number
    • When working with a suspect that you want to turn into a prospect or prospect you want to turn into a client your focus should be this:
    • If neither of these happens then they stay in your pipeline to be recalled at a later date.
  3. If you use this process you will eventually have thousands of individuals to work with.

Remember the folks are out there. We must have the courage to engage them in conversation that will lead them to talk about how we can help them.

Here is a great article by John Doerr “Six Keys To Successful Prospecting”



It Takes Courage To Sell Insurance

Courage to Sell?

“Courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. In some traditions, fortitude holds approximately the same meaning” This is according to Wikipedia.

Fortitude is probably the better word for what it takes to be successful in sales . I prefer to use the word courage.

Statistics and studies have shown that call reluctance is the number one “killer” of sales reps. Because when interviewed many  reps say they could not find enough potential individuals to buy. Yet the insurance industry shows statistics that  44% of all Americans own no life insurance. Think about that pool of potential clients.

Call Reluctance/Phone Courage

Call reluctance /phone courage is and always has been the largest enigma in the insurance industry. The issue with call reluctance has and still is an issue that confounds  sales managers and sales reps.

I believe that the answer can be found in “courage”  the courage to face the uncertainty of the rejection that could come from a phone call, the danger of having  your emotions attacked. Every issue in the first paragraph of this article can come in to play when we talk about call reluctance/phone courage.

Below is a great article showing the extreme problem call reluctance  is in the sales industry:

The Answer

Here are three steps you can use to overcome call reluctance/phone courage:

  1. Work on your belief in what you are doing.  You have to believe in something larger than just money to find the courage to do what is difficult.
    • Realize we save individuals financial lives.
    • Think about what you can do for your family.
  2. Develop a system
    •  A specific call time ( same time same day every week)
    • Study the Psychology of selling and understand that 80% of all appointments are secured after the third no.
    • Have a constant sall strategy that you live by.
  3. Don’t give up
    1. Persistence wins over all

Good luck,



Seven Prospecting Systems To Kill Your Business

The most difficult part of sales is finding and developing a steady stream of good prospects that will eventually become good clients. To become proficient at this activity you must have courage, patience, systems and look at your business for the long term. Remember, you need a sale today and you will need a sale next year.

Unfortunately, I see far to many sales representatives that  have prospecting systems that will kill their business.

Here are seven:

  1. THE PICNIC PEST – He wears his company embroider golf shirt and hat stuffs his pocket with business cards and shows up to the picnic or family reunion prepared to pounce on anyone that will even look at him. Needless to say he is not invited out very often and even then can’t figure out why every runs away from him.
  2. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MENACE –  This ambitious sales rep can be found on every Social Media site from Facebook to Tumble. The problem is every five minutes he or she is posting something about what they have to sell. Twenty five posts in a day showing your shoes or a picture of your Whole Life Insurance Policy is more than I can take, it is almost as bad as hearing about the tuna sandwich you had for lunch. Oh, your going to lay down now? Hope you have a nightmare because your marketing strategy is giving me one!
  3. THE PROSPECT SAVER – I cannot begin to tell you how many sales reps I have seen fail out of the business that I know belong to 10 organizations, buy leads and have a booth at every event in the county. “Don’t you have a ton of leads from your events?” I will ask. Well, yes but I’m saving them! Saving them for what? The next job you have. When they get fired they are at least well networked.
  4.  THE JEDI WAVE METHOD –  This person drives around afraid to contact anyone personally and the only thing I can guess that they do is drive by a home wave their arm like Luke Skywalker and say ” You will call me for an appointment…… I sure don’t know what the hell they are thinking.
  5. THE I DON”T CALL PEOPLE I KNOW STRATEGY  – These reps would rather call perfect strangers that they know nothing about and have no relationship with then talking with people they care about. I quess they don’t believe in what they sell. I think it’s like telling the dentist “no Novocaine, please”.
  6. THE IF THEY DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE OR THEY SAY NO I THROW THE NAME AWAY STRATEGY –  HELP ME. SOMEONE! Why would you not develop a file of individuals to call back ( grow your buyers over time). No today, does not mean no tomorrow.
  7. THE I NEED TO KNOW MORE STRATEGY  –  This sales rep won’t prospect until they know every rider on every policy ever developed and who wrote the rider. These individuals are the most educated insurance professionals that don’t have a job.

Listen, I realize that prospecting is not fun and as I said earlier you must have courage and patience. To successfully market yourself you must use a professional none invasive  approach. To be a great prospector you want to be look at as someone who provides valuable information and solutions to problems. This won’t happen overnight but you can get there with the right plan.


Here is a clip of what not to do (LOL):

Seven Tips To Staying Organized

This life moves like a world wind. Work, little league, dance class, yoga family time church on and on. How do we keep track of it all and balance a sales career or just a life? It certainly is not easy to stay organized but it can be done and the key is planning and some very simple tools that everyone knows about but few take advantage of correctly.

The Tip’s

#1. You must know where you want to go and what needs to be accomplished, so having written goals is extremely important. People that know me think I sound like a broken record but the reality is that less than 10% of people have written goals. That’s probably why so many are on Prozac!.

#2. You MUST keep a calendar and use it daily. Your calendar can’t be one that is by the month it needs to be a week at a glance with hours 6 am to 10 pm slots for each day. Most of us live our lives by the hour. Dentist appointment is at 9 am, sales  appointments at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, pick up the kids at 4 pm. How can you possibly write all those times in a little box on a monthly calendar much less make changes, especially if you use a pen. Having a week at a glance calendar whether paper or on line (google has a great one) will make your life so much easier.

#3. Use a pencil if you use a paper calendar,enough said.

#4. Sit with your calendar at the beginning of each month and plug in the things that are repetitive and need to be done weekly or daily. You set an appointment with your Doctor a month ago if you don’t have it calendared you book a sales appointment for the same time, something has to be cancelled. How many times has that happened. Johnny has a ball game, you set an appointment. You have a weekly meeting, put it down. No wonder your going crazy.

#5. Use a “TO DO LIST” every evening or morning sit with your calendar and assess your upcoming day and prioritize  activities also add the little nit picking items that have to get done.

  1. 9 am sales meeting
  2. 10-11 call session
  3. 2 pm client appointment
  4. pick up laundry
  5. call Mrs. Jones

This will make sure you minimize missing anything important and help you not to have to retrace your tracks,

#6. Cross off items as you complete them and add to list as needed. There is a great since of accomplishment if you use a “TO DO” list and cross off things accomplished throughout the day.


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