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Save America

 Save America


I’m sick and tired! This is not a political, this is an article expressing my feeling about what should be done to Save America. This should be easy to understand for anyone. Republicans, Democrats and Independents  are driving our great country into the ground over their own self interests.

Politicians have allowed their own special interest and desire to build a life long career of ” bathing in the public troth”. Imagine someone in the Congress twenty five or thirty years. You cannot tell me there are not self serving interests involved, when they have to wheel someone into the hall to cast a vote because they are to old to walk in.

In a CBS news report by Stephanie Condon  in March of 2012 stated that there were 245 Millionaires in Congress. 179 in the House and 66 in the Senate. No wonder someone would spend $10 Million dollars to get a job paying $180,000.

Four Simple Steps to Save America


  1. Term Limits – Our founding fathers would go to Philadelphia or Washington spend what time was needed in service of our country then return to their farms to plow the fields. The King of England asked Benjamin Franklin what General Washington would do now that the war had been won by the Colonials. Franklin’s answer; ” Go home and farm”  the king replied in amazement; “If he does he is the greatest man in the world.” We need people like Washington to Save America.
  2. Medical Tort Reform – Science particularly medicine is not a perfect profession, mistakes happen. Until they put a limit on the amount that can be awarded in medical malpractice suits health care will continue to spin out of control. And who is getting rich?The lawyers who eventually head to Washington to get their share. Every time I turn the TV on there is someone saying did you have this surgery or take this drug ? Call Do We Cheat’m And How” attorneys at law. To Save America this must stop.
  3. Cost Control on Medicine –  There are medicines badly needed by the public that cost thousands of dollars for a 30 day supply. People are dying while the Lobbyist, Pharmaceutical Company’s and politicians are making fortunes.
  4. Save America – NO MORE PORK – There needs to be legislation that forces every bill that will cost Americans money be voted on with no PORK attached.

We can Save America

These four issues could be easily put into action, but never will! Why? Because we have the fox watching the hen house. Why would a politician vote in something that would cost him or her their careers.

We are not naive, every American Republican, Democrat or Independent needs to face the facts.  We are in trouble as a country and sending the same people to Washington will not Save America. Only action will with our votes!

Read it and weep:



Staying Married Forty Years

Staying Married Forty Years


Marriage just like life, can be challenging. That is probably why 50 % of all marriages end in divorce according to The American Psychological Association.

This past May my lovely wife and I have been married 40 years. I find it sad that so many people when they hear this say” That doesn’t happen to often anymore.”  We made it so I guess that gives me some right to give advice on the subject.

A wedding  in America  is estimated to crost around $26,000. Sometimes people put more time into making sure the wedding is perfect instead of making sure the love is perfect. But that is just me.

Five Tips For Staying Married Forty Years

  1.  No matter how in love you are and even when you have found your true soul mate, it will not be all hearts and rainbows. I believe you have to go into a marriage knowing there will be ups and downs. It is easy to be in love when everything is great the true test comes when the times are rough.
  2. Be prepared to forgive. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes if you cannot forgive the little things forty years can be like a prison sentence. Now, I will say there are some actions that are unforgivable and that’s all I will say on that.
  3. Trust in your partner is critical, if you can’t trust your spouse why in the world would you have ever said “I do”. Also it is important to not make assumptions on what your husband or wife is thinking. Talk things out.
  4. The other night I was watching a movie and a women had killed her husband and when asked why she did such a thing she answered “I couldn’t stand looking at him any more.”  I told my wife and she laughed, I didn’t think it was that funny.
  5. Grow together, we all grow and change as we travel through life. Be prepared for your partner to change over time and remember change is good. Always try and remember the person you fell in love with and that your partner is still the same person. Just evolved.

A successful marriage takes work remember this the next time you get tired of looking at your partner and start looking for a  gun or a lawyer.

Here is a good article from Men’s Health on the subject:



True Courage

True Courage


True Courage

Matias  Ferreira and his family moved from Uruguay to America when Matias was 6 years old. From his early years he always admired men in uniform. He decided that he either would become a soldier or a member of law enforcement. Who knew it would take true courage to make his dream a reality.

January 21, 2011 on patrol in Afghanistan, Matias jumped from a building onto a bomb that took both his legs.

Within three months he was back in the United States walking with prosthetics  starting a new life without his legs. One can only image the true courage it must have taken Matias to take those first steps with the attitude that he would just start over.

True Courage to start over

Soon he was doing things he never thought about prior to his injury. Playing softball with wounded warriors, skydiving, scuba diving, snowboarding and motorcycle riding.

But his biggest accomplishment came earlier this month when he was sworn-in as a police officer for the Suffolk County Police Department. ( He is the first double amputee to achieve this milestone).

Following his 29 week training which he passed at the same level as all officers, he was elected President of his class because of his true courage and the example he has set.

If Matias can rise to this level of success, what can you do?

Here is his story:


Chains Hinders Change

Chains Hinders Change

Change in our lives is possibly the most difficult and painful thing we can go through. Millions of individuals make self commitments to change something in their lives. Jobs, relationships, appearance and the list goes on. Sadly, the majority of these individuals fall short of their objective. Why? Chains hinders change and the personal chains we carry around, even though invisible, hold us back from our dreams.

Here are Five Reasons I feel change is difficult;

  1. Addiction – If someone has an addiction be it to drugs, alcohol, food, smoking or any other bad habit  making a change can seem impossible. The chains that hold us in addiction are heavy and can seem unbreakable. But they are not! Counseling, support groups and a true willingness to break those chains can make it happen.
  2. Fear – Fear is a killer. I personally believe the biggest reason people fail in life is because of fear. The  sad thing is that many individuals that suffer from fear, when trying to change, don’t even realize that the fear exists in them. To defeat fear you must first admit to it.
  3. Comfort – This one may be difficult to understand but many times a person that wants and needs change in their lives looks at it like “the devil I know is better then the devil I don’t know”. This is very foolish thing but holds many people back and keeps them in their “comfort zone”.
  4. Lack of a plan – If you are going to break the chains that our holding you back in life you must develop a plan of exactly how you will do it, who needs to be involved, and what will be needed etc. nothing happens without a plan.
  5. Action – You must take action to change.  The things listed above can hold you back from taking action but if you have a plan and take action you can break those chains forever.

Psychology Today has a great article worth reading by Katherine  Schreiber and Heather Hausenblas :


Five Steps Helping Deal With Chronic Pain

Dealing With Chronic Pain can be difficult

First, I want to make sure you understand I am not a physician so before you do anything, consult your medical professional. I am a guy who has suffered with one type of pain or another most of my life. Thirteen major surgeries over sixty years. Five on my hip with two total replacements, knee replacement, torn quad tendon, gall bladder surgery, gastric bypass, hand surgery and two shoulder operations other then that I’m doing great.

I have learned over the years  that when you suffer with pain you do it on your own. Yes, there can be family and friends that sympathize and empathize with you. They can tell you how badly they feel for you but you must suffer alone and when you are alone late at night lying in bed in pain it can be the loneliest felling you will ever feel. I have found five steps to help deal with chronic pain.

One thing that I realize, but I’m not always good at, is that complaining and whining when dealing with chronic pain doesn’t help. Yes, we always can use some sympathy but at the end of the day it doesn’t  help the pain. I have found five steps to help deal with chronic pain.

Here are 5 steps helping you deal with chronic pain:

  1. See a professional that specializes in your issue. If you have back pain, see a back specialist. Your General Practitioner can only do so much, hopefully he or she will refer you without having to ask but if not you need to demand a referral.
  2. Medication will only mask the pain and help you deal with the pain for a period a period of time. Also, the Opioids they prescribe today are extremely addictive and can cause you greater issues than the pain. You need to find a doctor that can help solve your problem.
  3. Don’t be afraid to have surgery I know many individuals that suffer daily but refuse to have surgery to repair their injury. I can’t tell you how much better I feel since I had my recent knee replacement. Sure, there was some challenges with surgery but it was well worth it.
  4. Never give up looking for the right treatment. Medicine and medical procedures get better daily and you just don’t know when they will find a cure for your pain.

Below is a great article from Spine -Health by William W. Deardorff, PHD, ABPP

He states in the first paragraph:

“People with severe, chronic back pain know how it can utterly disrupt and damage one’s life. Chronic back pain can be cruel—making it hard to enjoy even the simplest daily activities or carry out an exercise routine.”

How correct he is click below to read the complete article.


When Bad Things Happen

All of us have suffered events in our lives that are painful, sudden and many times financially, emotionally or medically devastating. These events can be legitimately  unfair and not right. The problem is that when these things happen , unfortunately, they are what they are and most times we cannot undue them.

It can take years to overcome the emotional impact when bad things happen and the mental struggle and anger can erode our life and our attitudes to continue on.

I recently watched the movie "The Martian" starring Matt Damon and at the very end of the movie he gave a great piece of advice about moving on when bad things happen. He was speaking to a group of would be astronaut students. Damon asked the question if anyone was worried about being killed in space. He told them they had better be afraid and that anything and everything that could go wrong in space probably would. (sounds like life)!  "What do you do when things go wrong? Do You quit or go on?"  Damon Asked. Stressing that you just have to deal with the problems one at a time from the start. He said "You start with the first problem and the move to the next."

Below are six steps to help move on when bad things happen.

Six Steps When Bad Things Happen

Step 1: Acceptance: This will be the most difficult step. Accepting things that we feel are unfair or unjust is not easy and can take time, sometimes years. Coming to grips with the situation and why it happened is not easy the quicker that we do the sooner we can move on.

Step 2: Build a Plan: What happened is over and now its time to develop a plan to move forward. A strategy to start fresh.
  • Build a new resume if you lost your job and develop a strategy to start marketing yourself. Believe you will find something better.
  • If the problem is medical, get a second opinion, set up a plan of treatment and don't give up.
  • Whatever the situation you need a plan to move forward.
Step 3:  Take Action: A plan is of no good without action. Many times if we allow bad things to take control it can cause us to lay dormant and almost paralyze us from living a full and happy life. Action can help keep our minds off the past.

 Step 4: Be thankful for what you have: There is always something that could be worse....remember that. Being thankful for what you have is cleansing.

Step 5: Strive to have a great attitude: Attitude is probably the single greatest tool the human mind has in overcoming any obstacle that we might face. The stories throughout history are endless of individuals that attribute their attitude to helping them overcome.

Step 6: Believe you can do it:  I understand that these steps are not easy. Moving on when bad things happen is difficult but not impossible. So many times I have shared this and individuals will say " It's easy for you to tell me to do this. It's no you going through this!"  But, yes it has been me, these step I have and do use in my life and they allow me to strive for success and happiness even when bad things happen.


They work for me and they can work for you. Believe!



Inspirational Book

  Discover Your Treasure

“Why do so many people struggle through life while others seemingly run straight to success? Why do some let setbacks stop them ?  Others power through. It’s clear that people who succeed know what they want,have a detailed plan to get there, and set goals they believe in”

I have found 20 keys that have help me through out my life. Many we all know but few of us are able to implement.  In my book “Discover Your Treasure – 20 Keys To Success”  we will explore each of these 20 keys but more importantly we will look at how to but them into action everyday in your life.

Inspirational Book

Inspirational Book

Olympic Inspiration

Olympic Inspiration

There are so many correlations between life and sport. A wealth of inspiration that can be gleamed from sport stories particularly Olympic Inspiration. The stories and legends that have grown up over the past years since the first modern Olympics held in 1896 are timeless and can help each of us find inspiration in or daily lives.

Comparisons to live and sport are numerous:

  • Struggle
  • Victory
  • Defeat
  • Passion
  • Emotion
  • Perseverance

The list goes on we face both to a greater extent and a lesser extent many of the same experiences that an athlete face preparing for and participating in competition. I have always found great Olympic Inspiration not just in the victories but in the struggles that have engulfed me as I watched since I was a small child. The Olympic Creed says it best.

The Olympic Creed:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.”


Below are some of my favorite Olympic moments:


Five Things Every American Must Know!

Events will unfold in this country that every American must know. To be unprepared for these coming issues could be financially devastating. Every American is aware that these issues exist but few know what to do to prevent them form causing havoc to their financial well being. There is a FINANCIAL TSUNAMI heading towards America and step must be taken by each of us to make sure we are prepared. There are five things every American must know!

Five Things Every American Must Know!


  1. The Social Security System Trust Fund will be bankrupt by 2040!

“The Social Security Board of Trustees today released its annual report on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds. The combined asset reserves of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Trust Funds are projected to become depleted in 2034, the same as projected last year, with 79 percent of benefits payable at that time. The DI Trust Fund will become depleted in 2023, extended from last year’s estimate of 2016, with 89 percent of benefits still payable”


  1. Taxes will go up!
    1. See for yourself when taxes go up for the wealthy the go up for the middle class.
    2. History will repeat itself.

Five Things Every American Must Know!


3. The stock market will go down!

– Warren Buffet Predicting Upcoming Stock Market Crash?

Five Things Every American Must Know!


4. Hidden fees within your 401K/IRA will destroy you!

a. Watch this short video ….. and try not to cry!!!!


5. We are living much, much longer!

Five Things Every American Must Know!
Americans are living longer!


Based on the first four issues it is vital that we work to make sure that our money lives longer than we do, especially if number five is correct. My prediction is that they are spot on! Americans must face the facts and start planning for the future or they will be sadly mistaken when they reach the golden years and only to find fools gold.