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Prospecting Pipeline

Prospecting Pipeline

Nothing is sadder for me to  see then a sales person going through their first year 20 years in a row. What I mean by this is they never develop a Constant Contact Strategy  to fill their prospecting pipeline, so they are always looking for someone to sell. Sadder still is a sales rep that on Monday morning says ” I hope I sell something this week”.  If your prospecting pipeline is full, you should be able to be laser focused on who is buying this week.

How do I keep my prospecting pipeline full?

  1. Realize that there are 300 plus  million suspects( potential prospects) walking around in America.
  2. Your job is to turn as many of these suspects into prospects. By attaining the following:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Occupation
    • Approximate Income
    • Email and phone number
    • When working with a suspect that you want to turn into a prospect or prospect you want to turn into a client your focus should be this:
    • If neither of these happens then they stay in your pipeline to be recalled at a later date.
  3. If you use this process you will eventually have thousands of individuals to work with.

Remember the folks are out there. We must have the courage to engage them in conversation that will lead them to talk about how we can help them.

Here is a great article by John Doerr “Six Keys To Successful Prospecting”



Seven Ways to Help Get a Job

Seven Ways to Help get a Job

In today’s environment, it can be challenging finding a job. With competition from other qualified candidates to companies cutting back on hiring.

Having every possible advantage in your favor can only help. Living in Mom and Dad’s basement can only last so long!

Seven Ways to Help get a Job



I worked on Nuclear Reactors for the first 8 or 9 years of my working career. Was sick and tired of what I was doing so I answered a blind add, I never would have gone on the interview had I know it was insurance sales. Well here I am 38 years later living a live I never dreamed possible.

-You never know what will transpire in an interview

-The more you interview the better you will get at it.


-Shined shoes a must

-Men a white shirt women a white blouse (white portrays a certain confidence)

-Men a tie, always. Ladies business attire

  1. BE ON TIME -If your 5 minutes early your 10 minutes late

-Wait one week and then hand deliver your resume to the manager (do not leave it with anyone else).

    –Be persistent and keep as many resumes out there as you can.


-Make sure it is up to date


-On nice quality paper


-If you can’t make it call

-The world has gotten smaller and you don’t know who you may be working for or interviewing with 6 months from now.


-When your interview is over and the interviewer ask if you have any questions don’t say no

-Do some research on the company before hand and ask one or two intelligent questions

-Where do you see the company in 5 years?

-What do you look for in an employee?

I am very sorry but having a degree today does not mean you will get a job. You need to be persistent and make sure that you have everything going in your favor.

Here is a great article about 10 unconventional ways to get a job.


It Takes Courage To Sell Insurance

Courage to Sell?

“Courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. In some traditions, fortitude holds approximately the same meaning” This is according to Wikipedia.

Fortitude is probably the better word for what it takes to be successful in sales . I prefer to use the word courage.

Statistics and studies have shown that call reluctance is the number one “killer” of sales reps. Because when interviewed many  reps say they could not find enough potential individuals to buy. Yet the insurance industry shows statistics that  44% of all Americans own no life insurance. Think about that pool of potential clients.

Call Reluctance/Phone Courage

Call reluctance /phone courage is and always has been the largest enigma in the insurance industry. The issue with call reluctance has and still is an issue that confounds  sales managers and sales reps.

I believe that the answer can be found in “courage”  the courage to face the uncertainty of the rejection that could come from a phone call, the danger of having  your emotions attacked. Every issue in the first paragraph of this article can come in to play when we talk about call reluctance/phone courage.

Below is a great article showing the extreme problem call reluctance  is in the sales industry:

The Answer

Here are three steps you can use to overcome call reluctance/phone courage:

  1. Work on your belief in what you are doing.  You have to believe in something larger than just money to find the courage to do what is difficult.
    • Realize we save individuals financial lives.
    • Think about what you can do for your family.
  2. Develop a system
    •  A specific call time ( same time same day every week)
    • Study the Psychology of selling and understand that 80% of all appointments are secured after the third no.
    • Have a constant sall strategy that you live by.
  3. Don’t give up
    1. Persistence wins over all

Good luck,



You’re Not the Boss of Me – Bottom Up Leadership

Leadership  – You’re Not the Boss of Me!

America needs leadership in all phases of our country from our politicians to our corporations. The problem is  many individuals that are in leadership positions are not equipped with the experience or the people skills to lead. None the less they are put into these roles because they went to the right college or university or they knew the right person. You or I cannot change this paradigm, it is simply the way things and will most likely always be.

So what is the answer to this leadership dilemma? I believe that the answer lies in leadership from the bottom up. Each one of us has the ability to facilitate change in our “world” by taking on a leadership role regardless of our title at the moment. Now, you don’t  have to be the “boss” of anyone. Leadership is not about telling others what to do but rather it is a function of setting and displaying a culture and a standard for the organization you belong to.


What can you do to provide leadership from the bottom up?

  1. Manage your attitude! Attitude can make or break an organization. If you want your “world” to be successful than why would you not want to spread a positive attitude?
  2. Take initiative and don’t wait to be told what to do. Most of the time we understand what we can do to make a positive impact within our company or community. TAKE ACTION!
  3. Reach out to others. There is always someone that can use a helping hand, be it within the company we work with or the community we live in. Don’t worry about “you’re not the boss of me” if someone asks you to do something pitch in and make a difference that’s what leadership is about.
  4. Be proactive to help bring change to your organization that is beneficial.

“You’re not the boss of me.” I’m the boss of me and with that comes the responsibility of giving up vanity for the sake of the organization. We can all make a difference in our community or our company if we put ego to the side and heed the above four steps.

Here is a short video :What Is Leadership”




Five Things Every American Must Know!

Events will unfold in this country that every American must know. To be unprepared for these coming issues could be financially devastating. Every American is aware that these issues exist but few know what to do to prevent them form causing havoc to their financial well being. There is a FINANCIAL TSUNAMI heading towards America and step must be taken by each of us to make sure we are prepared. There are five things every American must know!

Five Things Every American Must Know!


  1. The Social Security System Trust Fund will be bankrupt by 2040!

“The Social Security Board of Trustees today released its annual report on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds. The combined asset reserves of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Trust Funds are projected to become depleted in 2034, the same as projected last year, with 79 percent of benefits payable at that time. The DI Trust Fund will become depleted in 2023, extended from last year’s estimate of 2016, with 89 percent of benefits still payable”


  1. Taxes will go up!
    1. See for yourself when taxes go up for the wealthy the go up for the middle class.
    2. History will repeat itself.

Five Things Every American Must Know!


3. The stock market will go down!

– Warren Buffet Predicting Upcoming Stock Market Crash?

Five Things Every American Must Know!


4. Hidden fees within your 401K/IRA will destroy you!

a. Watch this short video ….. and try not to cry!!!!


5. We are living much, much longer!

Five Things Every American Must Know!
Americans are living longer!


Based on the first four issues it is vital that we work to make sure that our money lives longer than we do, especially if number five is correct. My prediction is that they are spot on! Americans must face the facts and start planning for the future or they will be sadly mistaken when they reach the golden years and only to find fools gold.


Millennial Challange

Nineteen Trillion dollars of debt, stock market uncertainty and probable tax increases. The future for America’s 75 Million Millennials to say the least is uncertain. But problems are greater than only financial challenges, the are in the individuals.

Who Are The Millennials

“Just beginning to enter the workplace, The Millennial Generation was born between 1977 and 1998. The 75 million members of this generation are being raised at the most child-centric time in our history. Perhaps it’s because of the showers of attention and high expectations from parents that they display a great deal of self-confidence to the point of appearing cocky. As you might expect, this group is technically literate like no one else. Technology has always been part of their lives, whether it’s computers and the Internet or cell phones and text pagers.

Millennials are typically team-oriented, banding together to date and socialize rather than pairing off. They work well in groups, preferring this to individual endeavors. They’re good multitaskers, having juggled sports, school, and social interests as children so expect them to work hard. Millennials seem to expect structure in the workplace. They acknowledge and respect positions and titles, and want a relationship with their boss. This doesn’t always mesh with Generation X’s love of independence and hands-off style.

All Millennials have one thing in common: They are new to the professional workplace. Therefore, they are definitely in need of mentoring, no matter how smart and confident they are. And they’ll respond well to the personal attention. Because they appreciate structure and stability, mentoring Millennials should be more formal, with set meetings and a more authoritative attitude on the mentor’s part.


Here is a the challenge that Millennials will face:


Seven Prospecting Systems To Kill Your Business

The most difficult part of sales is finding and developing a steady stream of good prospects that will eventually become good clients. To become proficient at this activity you must have courage, patience, systems and look at your business for the long term. Remember, you need a sale today and you will need a sale next year.

Unfortunately, I see far to many sales representatives that  have prospecting systems that will kill their business.

Here are seven:

  1. THE PICNIC PEST – He wears his company embroider golf shirt and hat stuffs his pocket with business cards and shows up to the picnic or family reunion prepared to pounce on anyone that will even look at him. Needless to say he is not invited out very often and even then can’t figure out why every runs away from him.
  2. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MENACE –  This ambitious sales rep can be found on every Social Media site from Facebook to Tumble. The problem is every five minutes he or she is posting something about what they have to sell. Twenty five posts in a day showing your shoes or a picture of your Whole Life Insurance Policy is more than I can take, it is almost as bad as hearing about the tuna sandwich you had for lunch. Oh, your going to lay down now? Hope you have a nightmare because your marketing strategy is giving me one!
  3. THE PROSPECT SAVER – I cannot begin to tell you how many sales reps I have seen fail out of the business that I know belong to 10 organizations, buy leads and have a booth at every event in the county. “Don’t you have a ton of leads from your events?” I will ask. Well, yes but I’m saving them! Saving them for what? The next job you have. When they get fired they are at least well networked.
  4.  THE JEDI WAVE METHOD –  This person drives around afraid to contact anyone personally and the only thing I can guess that they do is drive by a home wave their arm like Luke Skywalker and say ” You will call me for an appointment…… I sure don’t know what the hell they are thinking.
  5. THE I DON”T CALL PEOPLE I KNOW STRATEGY  – These reps would rather call perfect strangers that they know nothing about and have no relationship with then talking with people they care about. I quess they don’t believe in what they sell. I think it’s like telling the dentist “no Novocaine, please”.
  6. THE IF THEY DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE OR THEY SAY NO I THROW THE NAME AWAY STRATEGY –  HELP ME. SOMEONE! Why would you not develop a file of individuals to call back ( grow your buyers over time). No today, does not mean no tomorrow.
  7. THE I NEED TO KNOW MORE STRATEGY  –  This sales rep won’t prospect until they know every rider on every policy ever developed and who wrote the rider. These individuals are the most educated insurance professionals that don’t have a job.

Listen, I realize that prospecting is not fun and as I said earlier you must have courage and patience. To successfully market yourself you must use a professional none invasive  approach. To be a great prospector you want to be look at as someone who provides valuable information and solutions to problems. This won’t happen overnight but you can get there with the right plan.


Here is a clip of what not to do (LOL):

Seven Biggest Reasons Sales Agents Fail

Seven biggest reasons sales agents fail. It is hard to know just exactly what makes one person successful why others, that seemingly look the same, struggle and ultimately give up on success.

The question is one for the ages, time and experience have shown me the seven biggest reasons sales agents fail. Again these are issues that I have observed.

Seven Biggest Reasons Sales Agents Fail

  1. They don’t understand the features and benefits of their product and how to articulate them.
  2. Lack of confidence in themselves and the knowledge in their industry.
  3. They don’t develop prospects for the long term, they just look for a sale today and not to develop clients over the long term.
  4. They don’t ask for the sale.
  5. They don’t ask for referrals.
  6. Lack of prospecting activity.
  7. FEAR

Overcome the Seven Sales Pitfalls

Overcoming the seven sales pitfalls, it’s not easy. What makes this statement so painfull;  is that the sales profession is really basically easy. Think about it, we get dressed in our finest clothes and go talk with people for a living and they will pay us a lot of money if we talk to enough people and know what we are talking about.

So what are these pitfalls we need to overcome and why do so many seem to fail in a business that is so simple. The fact of the matter is this; sales is not simple, easy yes, simple no. It is not physically demanding but the mental strain can be overwhelming. Also the plain and simple fact is that we deal with people and people can be frustrating and the biggest pitfall of all is overcoming ourselves. Overcoming our fears and our lack of discipline.

Here are ways to avoid and overcome the seven sales pitfalls.

Number Seven – You must understand the product and or service you offer. Being able to articulate the features and benefits of what you are selling is critical to success. A feature is a characteristic that physically describes your product or service. A benefit describes how the product or service will help the client. So many sales people do not understand these two concepts that are critical in the sales process. If and individual can afford your product or service and they don’t purchase many times it is because they don’t see how what you offer will help them.

Number Six – You must believe in yourself and your product. A successful sales person realizes that studying your product and understanding how it will help the client completely is key. The successful sales professional knows that to overcome the seven sales pitfalls you must study and practice then study some more and then practice again. Knowledge will build confidence.

Number Five – If you want to be successful in sales, yes you need to sell something today but you also need to sell something tomorrow and next year. The problem is that most sales people don’t prospect for the future much less the present.

Number Four – You have to ask for the sale. I cannot tell you how many times I see sales people go through the sales process and never ask the question. Let’s go ahead and get the paper work completed?

Number Three – You close a great sale the client loves you everything is perfect. Why not ask the question. Do you know any business associates that could benefit from these same product or services I have helped you with? A simple question seldom asked. The great ones realize referrals are the lifeblood of sales.

Number Two – The pure lack of prospecting activity has got to be at the top when we look at how to overcome the seven sales pitfalls. You cannot prospect once a week. I recently decided to go back to my roots and do what I ask my agents to do and decided for six weeks to make 200 dials per week. I have been out of the field for some time and boy, was this an eye opener. A minimum of eight hours per week is required and that’s not drinking coffee, talking or working on the computer that’s beating the phone. Prospecting is the heavy lifting of our business.

Number One – Fear is the greatest obstacle that holds most people back in life. Fear will steal your careeer! But when our dreams are bigger than our fears we can accomplish anything.

Dream big, have a plan, practice and learn your product. Now but the time into prospecting and you can overcome the seven pitfalls of sales.

Here is a clip I hope is not you but will give you a laugh. Enjoy.





Commit To Do One Thing!

In today’s rapid paced world, we do so much.We don’t commit. We work, we raise families, we have a spiritual life, we try to stay healthy, we try to recreate and we try to get some sleep. None of these things are different than they were thirty years ago with this exception. For some reason they all take more time. Just to stay healthy it can take ninety minutes per day, getting to the gym, the work out, getting ready for work. Churches have become social communities. We just don’t attend Sunday service but there are clubs, organizations and weekday events. None of these are bad but there seems to be a pressure on Americans to always do more especially when it comes to work.

I see every day where individuals are pulled into different business ventures with the lure of get rich with little or no time or money investment. It seems that everyone has a deal and all these deals promise “blue sky” wealth and success. The problem I see is that it is hard enough to make one career or business successful much less two. For some reason individuals seem to buy into these seemingly get rich quick schemes and the toll that their participation takes can be devastating in many ways.

Here is a list of things to be aware of;

– Investment of your hard earned money, many times your retirement
– Time commitment – the time spent going to meeting to learn, recruit and be motivated can take time away
from your family and your career.
– Unhappiness and lack of focus on your main career
– Setting yourself up for a feeling of failure. We never really fail, we quit. But when you find out the new venture takes more time or money that you were told and you decide to quit it is normal to feel like you have failed.

So what should you do if you want to reach higher levels of success in your life? DO ONE THING AND DO IT WELL! If your current career is not fulfilling your needs and desires than find a new career. A true career that you can devote 100 percent to and that you know is not some pie in the sky deal. There is an old saying that says if you don’t have dreams and goals of your own you will spend your time fulfilling someone else’s dream.
I do not want you to think that I am bad mouthing any particular business opportunity. What I am attacking is the concept that we are either committed to something or we are committed to nothing find that one thing you can get committed to and put everything into it and you will win in life, be happier and enjoy life more.

Mark Wright – The Integrity Coach – has a great article about commitment