Angry Eagle Scout against progressive liberal left

Angry Eagle Scout Against Progressive Liberal Left Agenda

Angry Eagle Scout


What is happening in this country? Is nothing sacred? I am Eagle an Scout and I’m angry. Is there no tradition left in our country that will not be attacked by the Progressive Liberal establishment? Lord Baden-Powell  dreamed of an organization for young men focused on  the traditions and skills of  the frontiersman. Eventually helping thousands of young men to learn values that would carry over into their adult lives.

The Girl Scouts of America is a fine organization that has and can continue to help young women. Just as the Boy Scouts help young men.  Apparently this is not enough for some liberal dissident mothers who push their sorry liberal left agenda. Consequently they force their delusional and disconnected beliefs on  Americans  based on their misguided interpretation of “fairness”.  Lord Baden -Powell built a voluntary, non-formal educational charity association for young men. One that was independent, non-political and non-military. Now it will be used as a political football for the left.

The Indisputable Facts

After earning the rank of Eagle I moved into the Explorers. An  extension of the Boy Scouts focused on specific activities, like mountain climbing or boating.  At that time the Explorer Organization became co-ed and the issues that I witnessed caused me to leave scouting.  Issues of sex, romantic  and emotional relationships.  Just about anything else you can think of when teenage boys and girls are put together for any period of time.

Scouting was based on young men learning to work together  and building  relationships  while dealing  with leadership issues within a structured organization.

We Must Take A StandAngry Eagle Scout against progressive liberal left agenda

When will we, the silent majority stand up and speak out in defense of the moral and traditional values that we believe in. Why do nonconformists try and force their beliefs on all America?

Read This Article From The Washington Post

Who is behind this?  Has a leaders within the Boy Scout organization bought into the  Progressive Liberal Left agenda. The values of scouting  are deeper than politics and personal agendas. What is being done goes against the very fabric of  Scouting

I am an Angry Eagle Scout and I know I am not alone.  Disgusted in the  Progressive Liberal Left  destroying the moral fabric of American traditions. Traditions that have been part of our history since we won independence from England. They have pushed their liberal agenda, an agenda that goes against most Americans values. Values we want to preserve. Men and women are different physically and emotionally these progressives have tried to make people believe that there is not.

Trying not to blog about issues that are political in nature this has pushed me to my limits.  I am proud to be an Eagle Scout and the foundation and traditions that are the basis of the organization. I hope is they will not take this away from America.

A Scout is:Angry Eagle Scout against Progressive Liberal Agenda

  • Trustworthy,
  • Loyal,
  • Helpful,
  • Friendly,
  • Courteous,
  • Kind,
  • Obedient,
  • Cheerful,
  • Thrifty,
  • Brave,
  • Clean,
  • and Reverent.


2 thoughts on “Angry Eagle Scout Against Progressive Liberal Left Agenda”

  1. I totally agree with Bob. I am also an Eagle Scout. The name means an organization for boys. I learned many life lessons in my many years in scouting as a member and as a leader. Girls have a fine organization. Having girls in troops would be a distraction and open opportunities for girls and boys having sex. No matter what they say about policing such behavior, it will happen. The BSA is yielding to political correctness and the need for new members. Their membership is declining. The BSA needs to finds new methods to recruit boys.

    I feel like mailing Eagle Scout badge back to the organization, but I have too much attachment to the badge and the ideals which it represents.

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