Why Notre Dame Got Spanked By Miami – “A lesson for life”

A Lesson For Life

On Saturday night at the Hardrock Stadium in Miami Gardens, A Lesson For LifeFlorida, the underdog Miami  Hurricanes put a hurtin on the number 3 ranked Notre Dame, the likes I have not seen since the 2013 National Championship.

Understand that I am a diehard subway alumni of the Irish. I have not missed two games in 30 years. But I will admit the Irish got spanked and deserved it. What is notable to me about the loss, is not that it happened but how and why.

Understand that any team can beat any other team on any given Saturday. Every so often  an impalpable feeling will set the stage for something unstoppable to happen. Realize this is not something tangible but it is  something you can definitely feel it.  You feel it in your heart and in your soul. At 8 o’clock in the morning on Saturday  at the the telecast “Game Day Show” you could feel it in the crowd. It was a feeling of inspiration, belief and confidence that the outcome was predetermined.

The game was almost determined as the teams took the field. An explosive electrifying crowd gave the field a sense of predetermination. I have watched Notre Dame take the field to “Hear Come The Irish” hundreds of time. Who took the field Saturday I’m not quite sure.

The Turnover Chain  A Lesson For Life

The difference of enthusiasm between the two teams was obvious from the kickoff. Was Miami more talented, stronger have better athletes? Let’s be honest Notre Dame has one of the finished programs in America with players that can stand toe to toe with any in the NCAA.

Furthermore, Notre Dame was known  as one of the best teams regarding ball protection this year. Yet they gave up four turnovers in the  41 – 8 lose. Miami’s defensive coordinator adopted the “Turnover Chain”. A chain designed for the Hurricanes to recognize any player that secures a turnover. The Chain is put around the player’s neck when the player comes off the field. This simple award caused such enthusiasm on the sidelines that the tide of motivation  never left the Hurricanes bench.

The Catholic Vs. The Confidence  A Lesson For Life

Pre game hype tied the game to the 1980’s rivalry when  the Notre Dame Miami game was billed as the Catholics vs the Convicts. Someone last week painted on a wall “The Catholics Vs The Confidence”.  Notre  Dame was OUT INSPIRED and   OUT ENTHUSED . The Hurricanes BELIEVED they could win and took the actions needed to win. A  lesson for life we need to remember in our day to day life.

Inspiration,passion,enthusiasm and belief these are life’s lessons.