Success Development

Success Development

Have you ever wondered what makes one individual successful and another not? What is the difference between the homeless individual and the business executive? Is it luck? Education? Connections?  Those issues all certainly could have a bearing on someones success.

I feel there are twenty other Success Development keys that pave the way for your life. Developmental keys that can help transform all of us into the person we strive to be.

The first two steps are acknowledge  fear and overcome it:

  1. Acknowledging Fear – We all have a certain amount of fear buried inside of us. Some wear their fear on their sleeve it is easy for others to see and  that person realizes that fear exist within themselves . Others suppress their fears deep down inside themselves and attempt to bury it. The problem with this second group is that what they carry around  within themselves is what they ultimately show the world. Fears  will always manifest its self somewhere in our lives. We cannot defeat what we will not acknowledge exists.
  2. Over Coming Fear – This can be difficult but the first big step is acknowledging it and facing it.  Paul Assainte, head squash coach at Trinity College and winner of 11 National Championships Has a great book ” Run to the Roar”.  The theory is that in Africa when lions want to feed on gazelles that eat in the open fields, they are difficult to catch in.for some reason these older female lions have ferocious roars.  Now, for some reason older female lions have a ferocious roar. So the lions take the old female lion that cannot hunt any longer and they place the female on one side of the field and the hunters gather on the other side. The female roars and the gazelles run in the opposite direction of the roar were the killers are waiting. If the gazelles had ran towards the roar they would of been safe but by running way they ended up being supper. We have to run toward are fears once we acknowledge them, confront them head on and we can defeat them.

The next three are attitude

3. Finding Inspiration –  It can be difficult for some! Understanding the difference between  inspiration and motivation is important. Motivation is making yourself do something you don’t want to do like mowing the lawn. Inspiration is when you jump out of bed before the alarm goes off because you are so excited about what the day can bring. Inspiration is all around use in music, books, nature and your dreams. You just need to find it.

4. Staying Inspired – Getting inspired is one thing staying inspired is another. When your dream is big enough you can’t  help but stay inspired.

5. Developing a winning attitude -Attitude is everything in life. It is easy to have a great attitude when things are going great it’s when we are faced with challenges that matter. I believe you have to work at developing a winning attitude and it starts when you put your feet on the floor in the morning. What do you tell yourself? What do you say throughout the day in those little self talks we all have with ourselves.

“By altering our attitudes we can alter our lives.”

-Zig Zigler

Watch for the next five step in the next week.

Read about all twenty in by book ” Discover Your Treasure – Twenty Keys To Success”   get it through Amazon