True Courage

True Courage


True Courage

Matias  Ferreira and his family moved from Uruguay to America when Matias was 6 years old. From his early years he always admired men in uniform. He decided that he either would become a soldier or a member of law enforcement. Who knew it would take true courage to make his dream a reality.

January 21, 2011 on patrol in Afghanistan, Matias jumped from a building onto a bomb that took both his legs.

Within three months he was back in the United States walking with prosthetics  starting a new life without his legs. One can only image the true courage it must have taken Matias to take those first steps with the attitude that he would just start over.

True Courage to start over

Soon he was doing things he never thought about prior to his injury. Playing softball with wounded warriors, skydiving, scuba diving, snowboarding and motorcycle riding.

But his biggest accomplishment came earlier this month when he was sworn-in as a police officer for the Suffolk County Police Department. ( He is the first double amputee to achieve this milestone).

Following his 29 week training which he passed at the same level as all officers, he was elected President of his class because of his true courage and the example he has set.

If Matias can rise to this level of success, what can you do?

Here is his story:


America’s Death

America’s Death

America's DeathThe Great American experiment is getting its greatest challenge in the coming years and America’s Death is looming if something is not done. Established as a Democratic Republic under a constitution that protected the rights of all citizens.  Politicians – Republicans, Democrats and Independents have been allowed to destroy our country.

And I blame them all.  It is disgraceful what we are witnessing in Washington. Given the severity of our situation the parties should come together and solve these issues before America’s Death.

Here are issues causing America’s Death

  1. No term limits– Politicians can remain in office and stay until they die, this causes them to do whatever is necessary to get reelected.
  2. Political Ideology– Most politicians will sacrifice the people to support their party ideology (weather they believe in it or not).
  3. Life time  premium benefits health coverage and retirement – That you and I do not have access to will lead them down a path to do whatever gets them reelected.
  4. Tort Reform– Most politicians are attorneys so why would they turn on their own?
  5. Refusal to repair things that could be political landmines to their careers at the expense of the people that have elected them.

I love America, and I feel blessed to have been able to grow up and live in this great country. Politicians have been given the ability to live a privileged life in Washington, on the backs of the very people they should protect. I truly believe term limits for all politicians is one of the only way that this ship can be put on the right path. Our challenge is getting the individuals that are abusing the power to act against their personal best interest.

This is the just the tip of the iceberg on the problems in America below is a video every American Democrat, Republican or Independent should watch and take heed of.




Prospecting Pipeline

Prospecting Pipeline

Nothing is sadder for me to  see then a sales person going through their first year 20 years in a row. What I mean by this is they never develop a Constant Contact Strategy  to fill their prospecting pipeline, so they are always looking for someone to sell. Sadder still is a sales rep that on Monday morning says ” I hope I sell something this week”.  If your prospecting pipeline is full, you should be able to be laser focused on who is buying this week.

How do I keep my prospecting pipeline full?

  1. Realize that there are 300 plus  million suspects( potential prospects) walking around in America.
  2. Your job is to turn as many of these suspects into prospects. By attaining the following:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Occupation
    • Approximate Income
    • Email and phone number
    • When working with a suspect that you want to turn into a prospect or prospect you want to turn into a client your focus should be this:
    • If neither of these happens then they stay in your pipeline to be recalled at a later date.
  3. If you use this process you will eventually have thousands of individuals to work with.

Remember the folks are out there. We must have the courage to engage them in conversation that will lead them to talk about how we can help them.

Here is a great article by John Doerr “Six Keys To Successful Prospecting”



Chains Hinders Change

Chains Hinders Change

Change in our lives is possibly the most difficult and painful thing we can go through. Millions of individuals make self commitments to change something in their lives. Jobs, relationships, appearance and the list goes on. Sadly, the majority of these individuals fall short of their objective. Why? Chains hinders change and the personal chains we carry around, even though invisible, hold us back from our dreams.

Here are Five Reasons I feel change is difficult;

  1. Addiction – If someone has an addiction be it to drugs, alcohol, food, smoking or any other bad habit  making a change can seem impossible. The chains that hold us in addiction are heavy and can seem unbreakable. But they are not! Counseling, support groups and a true willingness to break those chains can make it happen.
  2. Fear – Fear is a killer. I personally believe the biggest reason people fail in life is because of fear. The  sad thing is that many individuals that suffer from fear, when trying to change, don’t even realize that the fear exists in them. To defeat fear you must first admit to it.
  3. Comfort – This one may be difficult to understand but many times a person that wants and needs change in their lives looks at it like “the devil I know is better then the devil I don’t know”. This is very foolish thing but holds many people back and keeps them in their “comfort zone”.
  4. Lack of a plan – If you are going to break the chains that our holding you back in life you must develop a plan of exactly how you will do it, who needs to be involved, and what will be needed etc. nothing happens without a plan.
  5. Action – You must take action to change.  The things listed above can hold you back from taking action but if you have a plan and take action you can break those chains forever.

Psychology Today has a great article worth reading by Katherine  Schreiber and Heather Hausenblas :


Seven Ways to Help Get a Job

Seven Ways to Help get a Job

In today’s environment, it can be challenging finding a job. With competition from other qualified candidates to companies cutting back on hiring.

Having every possible advantage in your favor can only help. Living in Mom and Dad’s basement can only last so long!

Seven Ways to Help get a Job



I worked on Nuclear Reactors for the first 8 or 9 years of my working career. Was sick and tired of what I was doing so I answered a blind add, I never would have gone on the interview had I know it was insurance sales. Well here I am 38 years later living a live I never dreamed possible.

-You never know what will transpire in an interview

-The more you interview the better you will get at it.


-Shined shoes a must

-Men a white shirt women a white blouse (white portrays a certain confidence)

-Men a tie, always. Ladies business attire

  1. BE ON TIME -If your 5 minutes early your 10 minutes late

-Wait one week and then hand deliver your resume to the manager (do not leave it with anyone else).

    –Be persistent and keep as many resumes out there as you can.


-Make sure it is up to date


-On nice quality paper


-If you can’t make it call

-The world has gotten smaller and you don’t know who you may be working for or interviewing with 6 months from now.


-When your interview is over and the interviewer ask if you have any questions don’t say no

-Do some research on the company before hand and ask one or two intelligent questions

-Where do you see the company in 5 years?

-What do you look for in an employee?

I am very sorry but having a degree today does not mean you will get a job. You need to be persistent and make sure that you have everything going in your favor.

Here is a great article about 10 unconventional ways to get a job.