When Bad Things Happen

All of us have suffered events in our lives that are painful, sudden and many times financially, emotionally or medically devastating. These events can be legitimately  unfair and not right. The problem is that when these things happen , unfortunately, they are what they are and most times we cannot undue them.

It can take years to overcome the emotional impact when bad things happen and the mental struggle and anger can erode our life and our attitudes to continue on.

I recently watched the movie "The Martian" starring Matt Damon and at the very end of the movie he gave a great piece of advice about moving on when bad things happen. He was speaking to a group of would be astronaut students. Damon asked the question if anyone was worried about being killed in space. He told them they had better be afraid and that anything and everything that could go wrong in space probably would. (sounds like life)!  "What do you do when things go wrong? Do You quit or go on?"  Damon Asked. Stressing that you just have to deal with the problems one at a time from the start. He said "You start with the first problem and the move to the next."

Below are six steps to help move on when bad things happen.

Six Steps When Bad Things Happen

Step 1: Acceptance: This will be the most difficult step. Accepting things that we feel are unfair or unjust is not easy and can take time, sometimes years. Coming to grips with the situation and why it happened is not easy the quicker that we do the sooner we can move on.

Step 2: Build a Plan: What happened is over and now its time to develop a plan to move forward. A strategy to start fresh.
  • Build a new resume if you lost your job and develop a strategy to start marketing yourself. Believe you will find something better.
  • If the problem is medical, get a second opinion, set up a plan of treatment and don't give up.
  • Whatever the situation you need a plan to move forward.
Step 3:  Take Action: A plan is of no good without action. Many times if we allow bad things to take control it can cause us to lay dormant and almost paralyze us from living a full and happy life. Action can help keep our minds off the past.

 Step 4: Be thankful for what you have: There is always something that could be worse....remember that. Being thankful for what you have is cleansing.

Step 5: Strive to have a great attitude: Attitude is probably the single greatest tool the human mind has in overcoming any obstacle that we might face. The stories throughout history are endless of individuals that attribute their attitude to helping them overcome.

Step 6: Believe you can do it:  I understand that these steps are not easy. Moving on when bad things happen is difficult but not impossible. So many times I have shared this and individuals will say " It's easy for you to tell me to do this. It's no you going through this!"  But, yes it has been me, these step I have and do use in my life and they allow me to strive for success and happiness even when bad things happen.


They work for me and they can work for you. Believe!



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Inspirational Book

Five Ways To Build A Team In A Me Society

Generational differences foster a “ME” society in the workplace

It is obvious to most individuals that are honest with themselves that we live in a “me” society.  We are for the most part, self absorbed and we want what we want when we want it, which is normally, right this moment. We cannot debate the that life expectancy being extended longer every year has resulted in more generations overlapping in the workplace. Boomers, Generation X’ers the Millennials. Leading  a team with such varying beliefs, knowledge and work ethic to say the least can be challenging. Before we can explore the techniques best utilized to build a successful team environment with such generational differences we should look at each group and try to understand what motivates them.

The Differences

The Boomers

  • Born: Between 1956 and 1964
  • Influencers: Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Sexual Revolution, The Cold War and Space Travel
  •  “The American Dream” was promised to them as children and they have chased it. Seen as greedy, materialistic and ambitious.
  • Core Values: Anti War, Anti Government, Equal Rights, Optimism, Personal Growth, Work
  • Work Ethic: Driven, Workaholic 

The Generation X’ers

  •  Born: Between 1965-1980
  • Influencers: Watergate, Energy Crisis, Duel Income Families and Single Parents, Latchkey, Y2K, Increased Divorce Rate
  • Their perceptions are shaped by growing up having to take care of themselves early and watching politicians lie and their parents get laid off. The first generation that will NOT do as well financially as their parents did.
  • Core Values: Balance, Entrepreneurial, Fun, Higher Education, High Expectations, Suspicious of Boomers Values, Techno Literacy
  • Work Ethic: Balance, Work Smarter With Quicker Output

The Millennials

  • Born: Between 1981-2000
  • Influencers: Digital Media, Child Focused World, Terrorist Attacks, AIDS, 9/11, Many Grew Up Children of Divorce
  • Millennials came of age in a period of economic expansion. First generation of children to have schedules.
  • Core Values: Achievement, Civic Duty, Confidence, Diversity FUN!, Global Community, Now!, Extremely Techno Savvy
  • Work Ethic: Ambitious, What’s Next


To see the whole Generational Difference Chart click link:


These distinct Generational Difference have caused each group to establish camps within many organizations with Millennials begrudging Boomers, Boomers complaining about X’ers and so on. This situation becomes compounded when each group feels entitled based on their personal realities of what they deserve. The work place becomes about “ME or I” rather than the team. And to steal an old cliche ” There is no “me” I in team”.

Five Ways To Build A Team In A Me Society

  1. Develop and communicate vision for where  you want to take the team and try to incorporate each generational groups core values into how you will succeed with individuals with different skill sets.
  2. Be open about the generational differences between groups and individuals. Don’t be afraid to have open dialogue about how each individual can benefit  the team because of the diversity.
  3. Encourage interaction between the generations on your team. Use team building exercise were you pair up a Boomer and a Millennial, as an example
  4. Be understanding that you cannot paint everyone with the same brush. It takes many different skill sets and personalities to build a great team.
  5. Keep it personal. Let the individuals know that you understand their motivations and drivers and that they fit into the teams vision.

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