Memorial Day

Why is Memorial Day important to celebrate? There are many confused and misguided individuals who believe that Memorial Day is a celebration of war. Nothing could be further from the truth. The day is a celebration and a chance to remember the millions of Americans that either eagerly or reluctantly answered their countries call to duty. They served in the past and serve today to preserve a way of life that allows you and I to complain, to vote or not vote, to worship or not worship and to be safe.

Some Interesting Statistics:

1775 – 1991

41,892,128  men and women have served our country militarily.

1,186,313 have given their lives in three conflicts during this period.

Many would argue that these were lives wasted but before cast judgement  think seriously about these numbers. During this same time frame:

Hitler killed 11 million innocent people

Stalin is estimated to have killed 10 – 20 million during his reign of terror.

Pol Pot destroyed 25% of Cambodia’s population. 1 to 3 million lives lost.

Saddam  Hussein is credited with 250,000 to 500,000 deaths

And the North Korean Leader Kim has killed close to 1.6 million people

Who will defend the innocent, the weak the defenseless?

Why Memorial Day? It is our opportunity to thank, think of and remember those who have served and are currently t risking their lives  for a cause greater than themselves, FREEDOM and right to not live under TYRANT’S like those listed above.

No Memorial Day is not about war but it is about those who are willing to endure it, if necessary, so you and I do not have to.

Thank you to all that have worn and do wear the uniform of freedom and GOD BLESS YOU!

Here is a great clip that should inspire all:


How To Make Life Not Suck!

Life sucks! I hear this comment so often and to be honest I am probably guilty myself of uttering those words in moments of frustration.  But the truth is that life is wonderful and the human instinct is to survive no matter what the situation is. Just this instinct to survive, to me proves that there is good in this world and that deep inside we all have this yearning to find it. Here are six steps on How To Make Life Not Suck. 

Step 1. Take your eyes of yourself and focus on helping others to find what they are looking for in this universe. It is amazing how fulfilling and the joyful one can feel in helping someone else. It can be at work, personally or through a charitable event or action.

Step 2. Don’t complain about the burden you must carry through life. We all have hard times and issues in our lives. I was born with a physical issue and have had 14 major surgeries in my life but have never complained about my situation. I, in fact, feel it has been a blessing. These struggles I have had physically, I am stronger for them.

Step 3. Be thankful for something every morning. No matter what our situation there is always something we can be thankful for. The beauty of a sunrise, a song on the radio someone special in our life. Look, how we feel everyday is a choice each one of us can control…. choose to be thankful for something and see how different life can be.

Step 4. Have a dream, I heard in a movie one time that “dreams are what make life tolerable” .  When you are focused on accomplishing something your life will be much richer.“

Step 5. Take responsibility for every aspect of your life. Once you take responsibility you only have yourself to blame if live sucks and you can change that.

Step 6. Realize that change is possible in you life. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals who have changed their lives from horrible situations.

Life does not suck! Your attitude might, your perception of the universe might but life is truly a gift that can be wonderful if we believe and try to focus on the positive.

Here is a short clip from my favorite movie:




Seven Prospecting Systems To Kill Your Business

The most difficult part of sales is finding and developing a steady stream of good prospects that will eventually become good clients. To become proficient at this activity you must have courage, patience, systems and look at your business for the long term. Remember, you need a sale today and you will need a sale next year.

Unfortunately, I see far to many sales representatives that  have prospecting systems that will kill their business.

Here are seven:

  1. THE PICNIC PEST – He wears his company embroider golf shirt and hat stuffs his pocket with business cards and shows up to the picnic or family reunion prepared to pounce on anyone that will even look at him. Needless to say he is not invited out very often and even then can’t figure out why every runs away from him.
  2. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MENACE –  This ambitious sales rep can be found on every Social Media site from Facebook to Tumble. The problem is every five minutes he or she is posting something about what they have to sell. Twenty five posts in a day showing your shoes or a picture of your Whole Life Insurance Policy is more than I can take, it is almost as bad as hearing about the tuna sandwich you had for lunch. Oh, your going to lay down now? Hope you have a nightmare because your marketing strategy is giving me one!
  3. THE PROSPECT SAVER – I cannot begin to tell you how many sales reps I have seen fail out of the business that I know belong to 10 organizations, buy leads and have a booth at every event in the county. “Don’t you have a ton of leads from your events?” I will ask. Well, yes but I’m saving them! Saving them for what? The next job you have. When they get fired they are at least well networked.
  4.  THE JEDI WAVE METHOD –  This person drives around afraid to contact anyone personally and the only thing I can guess that they do is drive by a home wave their arm like Luke Skywalker and say ” You will call me for an appointment…… I sure don’t know what the hell they are thinking.
  5. THE I DON”T CALL PEOPLE I KNOW STRATEGY  – These reps would rather call perfect strangers that they know nothing about and have no relationship with then talking with people they care about. I quess they don’t believe in what they sell. I think it’s like telling the dentist “no Novocaine, please”.
  6. THE IF THEY DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE OR THEY SAY NO I THROW THE NAME AWAY STRATEGY –  HELP ME. SOMEONE! Why would you not develop a file of individuals to call back ( grow your buyers over time). No today, does not mean no tomorrow.
  7. THE I NEED TO KNOW MORE STRATEGY  –  This sales rep won’t prospect until they know every rider on every policy ever developed and who wrote the rider. These individuals are the most educated insurance professionals that don’t have a job.

Listen, I realize that prospecting is not fun and as I said earlier you must have courage and patience. To successfully market yourself you must use a professional none invasive  approach. To be a great prospector you want to be look at as someone who provides valuable information and solutions to problems. This won’t happen overnight but you can get there with the right plan.


Here is a clip of what not to do (LOL):