Seven Tips To Staying Organized

This life moves like a world wind. Work, little league, dance class, yoga family time church on and on. How do we keep track of it all and balance a sales career or just a life? It certainly is not easy to stay organized but it can be done and the key is planning and some very simple tools that everyone knows about but few take advantage of correctly.

The Tip’s

#1. You must know where you want to go and what needs to be accomplished, so having written goals is extremely important. People that know me think I sound like a broken record but the reality is that less than 10% of people have written goals. That’s probably why so many are on Prozac!.

#2. You MUST keep a calendar and use it daily. Your calendar can’t be one that is by the month it needs to be a week at a glance with hours 6 am to 10 pm slots for each day. Most of us live our lives by the hour. Dentist appointment is at 9 am, sales  appointments at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, pick up the kids at 4 pm. How can you possibly write all those times in a little box on a monthly calendar much less make changes, especially if you use a pen. Having a week at a glance calendar whether paper or on line (google has a great one) will make your life so much easier.

#3. Use a pencil if you use a paper calendar,enough said.

#4. Sit with your calendar at the beginning of each month and plug in the things that are repetitive and need to be done weekly or daily. You set an appointment with your Doctor a month ago if you don’t have it calendared you book a sales appointment for the same time, something has to be cancelled. How many times has that happened. Johnny has a ball game, you set an appointment. You have a weekly meeting, put it down. No wonder your going crazy.

#5. Use a “TO DO LIST” every evening or morning sit with your calendar and assess your upcoming day and prioritize  activities also add the little nit picking items that have to get done.

  1. 9 am sales meeting
  2. 10-11 call session
  3. 2 pm client appointment
  4. pick up laundry
  5. call Mrs. Jones

This will make sure you minimize missing anything important and help you not to have to retrace your tracks,

#6. Cross off items as you complete them and add to list as needed. There is a great since of accomplishment if you use a “TO DO” list and cross off things accomplished throughout the day.


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What Happens When I’m Old?

When I was a young boy growing up in Upstate New York with my two brothers and two sisters by Dad use to tell us this story that would always make us cry. Why he told us this tale I’m not sure. I am certain that there probably was some deep dark physiological issue but, Dad has passed away and I will never know. I do feel that there is something for us all to think about in this story. Especially given the world we live in and the challenges we all are facing as we grow older and live longer.

A Story:

“There once was a family that lived in a comfortable home in an average middle class neighborhood. Now everything about this family was normal with the exception of one thing. In the back of their home was a small shed and in the shed was a wooden table, a bed, dresser and a wooden bowl with wooden utensils. Now in this little hut lived the father of the man who owned and lived in the house. Every day the man’s son and daughter would visit with their grandfather and except for his accommodations it was a relatively normal family. After each meal the children would bring the left-over food from the meal  to their grandfather and put it in the wooden bowl and he would eat it with his wooden utensils.

Life went on this way for a number of years and the children grew. One day the father came home from work, pulled into the garage to see his son engulfed in a project at his workbench. Curiously he asked his son what he was doing. His son answered “Making a bowl, spoon and folk  for when you and Mom get old”

We would all cry and say we would never do that to you Dad. Why he told that story, again, I’m not sure but I think about it as I ponder the future of the issues surrounding the care of America’s aging population.

See the attached link for stats on life expectancy.

The above link is an article which states that the number of Americans living into their 90’s has tripled since the 1980’s and the 4.7 % of senior age 90 is expected to reach 10% over the next several decades. As the American population continues to age the challenges with caring for our seniors will also grow.

Studies show that 66% of seniors in one poll said they would rather “die” than be forced into a nursing home.

Click ths link fpr more information:

Staying out of a nursing home for many senior Americans will require a number of important things to hapen. First they will need to have good health and secondly they will require the money to have someone come into the home to give assistance when needed. But the government has admitted that by 1940 the Social Security trust fund will be bankrupt add to this that  more than 64% of Americans over 55 have less than $100,000 saved for retirement and  36% have less than $10,000.

Fortunately, there are new Financial Services Products that can help with these problems. Many insurance products have “Living Benefits” attached that will allow the insured to access a portion of the face amount of the policy to use to pay for issues pertaining to senior health issues. Many of these products also have accumulations benefits that could provide tax advantages. It is not to late for many of us to protect ourselves against living to long.

Each of use need to start today to prepare for our futures. The reality is if we are 60 years old statistically there is a good chance we will live into our 90’s. I don’t want anyone carving any wooden utensils for me!