Five Inspirational Speeches That Moved The World

I want to share some great speeches that have inspired and moved myself and millions of others throughout the centuries. The power of the word is immeasurable; the power of the word delivered by a great and passionate orator can be life changing. It has been said, “ It is not what you say it’s how you say it”. There is truth to that statement but when you combine great words in a time of need with an individual with passion and commitment in his or her soul, again it can change the world.

There have been so many great speeches that have impacted our world it is hard to boil them down to five or ten but here are some of my favorites. Please share in the comment section of this blog yours and why you like them.


Five Great Speeches that moved the world


Jesus-Christ-Pics-2401“Sermon on the Mount” –Jesus

What can I say no matter your faith one simple carpenter delivered a speech with to power points, no audio video equipment and no TV or radio? This single speech would have, perhaps the greatest inpact on mankind in history!







“Their Finest Hour” -Winston Churchill churchill

A speech delivered by one of the greatest orators of the Twentieth Century at the darkest hour of the world. A time when democracy as we know it today could have been a thing our children would know nothing of.


One mans vision brought down the Berlin Wall and all but ended Communism in the Easter block.

Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate” – Ronald Reagan





The ultimate sacrifice for your belief, I need say no more!


“Decision to Go to the Moon” –  John F.  Kennedy

When man has a vision the resources of his mind can find a way to overcome even that which is impossible.



Great Sport Speeches


Jim-Valvano“Cutting Down the Net” – Jim Valvono

My favorite of all time – click image on left.








rock“We Can’t Be Beat” –  Knute Rockne

One of the greatest football coaches of all times, his thirteen-year career brought 4 National Championships, 5 Undefeated Seasons and a record of 105-12-5.


lou“Farewell Speech” – Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig’s retirement speech is a heart breaking speech from one of America’s greatest baseball players.

ice“Miracle on Ice” – Herb Brooks

Possibly the greatest upset in sports history, there is much speculation as to what was said by Herb Brooks in the locker room. Here is the movies take.



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Hope gets us through those times in our lives when things just seem to go wrong financially, healthwise and with relationships, sometimes unfortunately sometimes these issues gang up on us.

When things seem the worst is when hope is needed the most.

Hope can be defined as an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life.

 The important word in that definition is attitude. An attitude can always be controlled, circumstances cannot. Hope is a beautiful thing because even in our darkest hours we can always find hope deep in our hearts and our souls if we choose to look for it.

I like to believe life is about choices and HOPE is a choice we all have in our lives.


Fostering Hope In The Face of Despair


Saying to someone you need to have hope is certainly easier then finding it when you are the onegoing through challenges in life. But all of us will travel those dark roads at some point in our lives.

  • Losing a loved one
  • Struggling in business
  • Losing a job
  • Going through a bad relationship

I could go on but there is no need. We all understand that when we wake to face any given day challenges can be waiting.


That being said I feel it is impairative to understand how to foster hope in the face of despair in our lives. We must keep going and if we must keep going finding happiness through hope is the best scenario to move forward.


Here are several ways to foster hope in the face of despair:


1) Think of the good things and the good times. Our minds are amazing but one thing I have learned is that I cannot have negative thoughts in my mind and positive ones at the same time.

2) Think about “what if ” no matter how bleak there is always a “what if” positive solution. Even in death the positive “what if” is heaven there, to me that’s not a “what if “ but a “for sure”.

3) Make a plan to move forward, there is most times a way to move out of the dark. Sit with pen and paper or computer and outline a plan.

4) Have faith in something bigger than yourself. Life is a lonely walk to take alone. Believing in a higher power can be a fantastic help.

5) Find a support group or person to help you through.


HOPE is an attitude as I said earlier this week. It truly is a choice we all have to make. Please do not choose to live in despair and dark. The sun will shine again.

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