Correcting Life’s Mistakes


Look we all make mistakes in life and business, correcting mistakes is not always easy in fact someone once told me that it only takes a second to get into trouble but it can take years and a fortune to get out of that trouble. Ignoring our mistakes or letting them linger without addressing them only makes things worse. Here are seven tips to correcting mistakes.

Correcting Life’s Mistakes

Step1- Admit that a mistake was mad. It is not uncommon to not face reality but whether it is in business or life you cannot run from reality for long. Face the facts, then you can start correcting the mistakes.

Step2– Take responsibility for your part in the mistakes. There have been a lot of mistakes made in my life, many because I got involved in either a business or life situations with people I should not have. But when all is said I am not a character from a “God Father Film” even though my name my make you think so. No one ever held a gun to my head and said “ YOU GOTTA SIGN DIS”. All my mistakes I made the decision to get involved and that is on me!

Step3– Make a plan of attack to correct. Once you admit that a mistake was mad and take responsibility for your part no matter how small or large, you can then start correcting life’s mistakes.
Here are some things I do:
• Say you’re sorry, especially if someone was hurt.
• Sit down and write out what needs to be corrected. Many times when mistakes are made people get emotional and things seem worse than they are. The fix could be very simple.

Step4– Sit down with a supervisor, mentor or friend and review.
It is easy to be to close to a mistake. Having someone you respect that can be honest and objective with you look and your plan is wise to protect yourself from repeated error.

Step5– Take action as soon as possible when correcting life’s mistakes Let it linger and I promise it only gets worse the sooner you address the issue the sooner you can move on.

Step6-When corrected go back to the affected parties and confirm they are happy. This step will let you put full closure to the issue forever. You will sleep better and feel that you did the right thing.

Correcting life’s mistakes are never easy but not correcting them is worse. They can haunt you forever and come up years later if you try to hide from them.

Guys don’t get freaked out but here is a great article I found on Life Tools for Women it is worth the read.


Five Career Mistakes

1. Being underdressed for the job.
I would rather be the best-dressed person in the room than the worst.
2. Expecting praise for doing your job.
Don’t look for a pat on the back for showing up. So many times people want praise for every little thing they do, its nice put in won’t always happen, learn to deal with it.
3. Having an on the job relationships with someone you work for or that works for you.
I am sure there are exceptions but I have never seen one that wasn’t a train wreck.
4. Not being responsive.
You need to respond to your peers and co-works in a timely
fashion, if you don’t it will come back to haunt you.
4. Misusing company email.
How many careers have I seen ruined because of someone sending something inappropriate via company email. Be smart!
5. Being late.
Set an alarm, go to bed earlier or get started earlier. There is no excuse.
6. Making inappropriate jokes and comments.
Sorry this isn’t the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s people are sensitive and you just can’t say the things you use to. You were just kidding, too bad, don’t do it.
7. Not asking for help.
We can all use a hand now and then don’t be afraid to ask.

Some of these are small and can be overlooked for a period of time but some are career killers. Use common sense when at work most of us know right from wrong and if we use our moral compass we can avoid the mistakes that could ruin a career and a life.


Seven Biggest Reasons Sales Agents Fail

Seven biggest reasons sales agents fail. It is hard to know just exactly what makes one person successful why others, that seemingly look the same, struggle and ultimately give up on success.

The question is one for the ages, time and experience have shown me the seven biggest reasons sales agents fail. Again these are issues that I have observed.

Seven Biggest Reasons Sales Agents Fail

  1. They don’t understand the features and benefits of their product and how to articulate them.
  2. Lack of confidence in themselves and the knowledge in their industry.
  3. They don’t develop prospects for the long term, they just look for a sale today and not to develop clients over the long term.
  4. They don’t ask for the sale.
  5. They don’t ask for referrals.
  6. Lack of prospecting activity.
  7. FEAR

Overcome the Seven Sales Pitfalls

Overcoming the seven sales pitfalls, it’s not easy. What makes this statement so painfull;  is that the sales profession is really basically easy. Think about it, we get dressed in our finest clothes and go talk with people for a living and they will pay us a lot of money if we talk to enough people and know what we are talking about.

So what are these pitfalls we need to overcome and why do so many seem to fail in a business that is so simple. The fact of the matter is this; sales is not simple, easy yes, simple no. It is not physically demanding but the mental strain can be overwhelming. Also the plain and simple fact is that we deal with people and people can be frustrating and the biggest pitfall of all is overcoming ourselves. Overcoming our fears and our lack of discipline.

Here are ways to avoid and overcome the seven sales pitfalls.

Number Seven – You must understand the product and or service you offer. Being able to articulate the features and benefits of what you are selling is critical to success. A feature is a characteristic that physically describes your product or service. A benefit describes how the product or service will help the client. So many sales people do not understand these two concepts that are critical in the sales process. If and individual can afford your product or service and they don’t purchase many times it is because they don’t see how what you offer will help them.

Number Six – You must believe in yourself and your product. A successful sales person realizes that studying your product and understanding how it will help the client completely is key. The successful sales professional knows that to overcome the seven sales pitfalls you must study and practice then study some more and then practice again. Knowledge will build confidence.

Number Five – If you want to be successful in sales, yes you need to sell something today but you also need to sell something tomorrow and next year. The problem is that most sales people don’t prospect for the future much less the present.

Number Four – You have to ask for the sale. I cannot tell you how many times I see sales people go through the sales process and never ask the question. Let’s go ahead and get the paper work completed?

Number Three – You close a great sale the client loves you everything is perfect. Why not ask the question. Do you know any business associates that could benefit from these same product or services I have helped you with? A simple question seldom asked. The great ones realize referrals are the lifeblood of sales.

Number Two – The pure lack of prospecting activity has got to be at the top when we look at how to overcome the seven sales pitfalls. You cannot prospect once a week. I recently decided to go back to my roots and do what I ask my agents to do and decided for six weeks to make 200 dials per week. I have been out of the field for some time and boy, was this an eye opener. A minimum of eight hours per week is required and that’s not drinking coffee, talking or working on the computer that’s beating the phone. Prospecting is the heavy lifting of our business.

Number One – Fear is the greatest obstacle that holds most people back in life. Fear will steal your careeer! But when our dreams are bigger than our fears we can accomplish anything.

Dream big, have a plan, practice and learn your product. Now but the time into prospecting and you can overcome the seven pitfalls of sales.

Here is a clip I hope is not you but will give you a laugh. Enjoy.





Commit To Do One Thing!

In today’s rapid paced world, we do so much.We don’t commit. We work, we raise families, we have a spiritual life, we try to stay healthy, we try to recreate and we try to get some sleep. None of these things are different than they were thirty years ago with this exception. For some reason they all take more time. Just to stay healthy it can take ninety minutes per day, getting to the gym, the work out, getting ready for work. Churches have become social communities. We just don’t attend Sunday service but there are clubs, organizations and weekday events. None of these are bad but there seems to be a pressure on Americans to always do more especially when it comes to work.

I see every day where individuals are pulled into different business ventures with the lure of get rich with little or no time or money investment. It seems that everyone has a deal and all these deals promise “blue sky” wealth and success. The problem I see is that it is hard enough to make one career or business successful much less two. For some reason individuals seem to buy into these seemingly get rich quick schemes and the toll that their participation takes can be devastating in many ways.

Here is a list of things to be aware of;

– Investment of your hard earned money, many times your retirement
– Time commitment – the time spent going to meeting to learn, recruit and be motivated can take time away
from your family and your career.
– Unhappiness and lack of focus on your main career
– Setting yourself up for a feeling of failure. We never really fail, we quit. But when you find out the new venture takes more time or money that you were told and you decide to quit it is normal to feel like you have failed.

So what should you do if you want to reach higher levels of success in your life? DO ONE THING AND DO IT WELL! If your current career is not fulfilling your needs and desires than find a new career. A true career that you can devote 100 percent to and that you know is not some pie in the sky deal. There is an old saying that says if you don’t have dreams and goals of your own you will spend your time fulfilling someone else’s dream.
I do not want you to think that I am bad mouthing any particular business opportunity. What I am attacking is the concept that we are either committed to something or we are committed to nothing find that one thing you can get committed to and put everything into it and you will win in life, be happier and enjoy life more.

Mark Wright – The Integrity Coach – has a great article about commitment


Seven Tips To Business Hygiene

Last Year in Las Vegas I was speaking at a National Sales Convention and I needed to clean myself up so I thought I would go see a professional. It’s painful to be pretty!

Thanks to my two new friends, Salon Bellagio Barber – Christina Rogers and Makeup Artist Steven Sunga

It’s painful to be pretty!

Number 1 – Mathew McConaughey, I enjoy some of your movies but enough with the O’ natural body treatment. If you want to sit around your own home stewing in your body odor, good for you but if you’re going out in public deodorant and a little cologne would be appreciated. Nobody that I know gets turned on by another person’s body odor, unless I’m running with the wrong crowd… You stink!

Number 2 – A shower is mandatory at least once per day unless you’re in prison. If you are working with the public how could you not shower daily? And yes, I prefer a shower. As Kramer says on reruns of Seinfeld, “How could you sit in a tepid pool of your own filth?” But hey that’s me! ….While you’re there wash your hair. (Hey I made a rhyme.)

Number 3 – Unless your goal is to have a family of birds or possibly rodents of some type set up home in your eyebrows a weekly trim is mandatory. My eyebrows get out of control weekly if I ignore them. Why would you possibly let them go unattended forever? Let me let you in on a little secret… THEY LOOK RIDICULOUS AND EVERYONE THINKS SO. Maybe no one ever told Andy Rooney but you are officially on notice.

Number 4 – Listen, years ago when I started to realize that I was losing my beautiful naturally curly hair I thought nature was making up for the loss by allowing it to grow like weeds out my ears and nose. Fortunately for me my wife informed me that there was nothing even remotely attractive about having the world’s longest nose hair. Please, if you want to close presentations and make a good impression don’t give anyone cause to question what the hell is hanging out your ears or nose. Get a trim weekly …I’m sure your barber will be glad to help and while you’re there do away with the unibrow, unless you’re trying out for a Star Trek movie.

Number 5 – This one is so simple but so often missed. Clean, trim and file your nails. Even if you work with your hands you can take care of this one in that shower that we talked about earlier.

Number 6 – White teeth to me are the ultimate sign of good appearance. You can have it all going for you but if your teeth are the color of baked beans, well I’m sorry it just doesn’t get it. I will confess this one took me a while to get right myself. For most of my life my teeth had a yellow tint to them and I asked my dentist what I should do and he replied “Wear a brown tie!” …..not funny. Finally I found a dentist who set me up with a whitening tray and my smile sparkles. Spend the money….it’s worth it.

Number 7 – Realize that there is probably a good chance that your breath is kick’en. Even if you brush, floss and gargle. If you drank a cup of coffee, smoked a cigarette or ate a breakfast burrito with hot sauce you most likely are in trouble. Keep a toothbrush at work, mints and never pass up a piece of gum when offered.

Are these things simple? Yes, but absolutely important to success.

And please, no hurt feelings meant for anyone…just trying to help.